Remote native software development team

Brilliant Consulting is a software development and technology consulting agency that helps businesses achieve product development goals. We provide self-sufficient delivery teams that execute with predictable quality.

Available now

Remote native software development team of 5 developers and 1 QA. For the last year, the team has been working with a Progressive Web Application for a US-based customer.

Tech Lead (7+ years of experience)

  • Ruby, Elixir - 7+ years
  • Node.js, Typescript, Nest, GraphQL - 5+ years
  • Go, Grpc, Kubernetes, Cloud Native stack - 3+ years
  • Postgres - 7+ years

Tech Lead (7+ years of experience)

  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, LESS, Databases - 7+ years
  • React, Redux - 5+ years
  • Node.js - 5+ years
  • Typescript, Flow, Jest, Enzyme - 4+ years
  • Git, Nginx, Docker, Apache, webpack, babel, grunt, gulp - 6+ years

Senior Software Engineer (6+ years of experience)

  • JavaScript - 6+ years
  • TypeScript, React, Vue, Jest, Redux, Styled-components - 5+years
  • Node.js, Postgres, PostGIS, Leaflet, GraphQL, cypress - 4+years
  • Canvas, WebSockets, Server-side events, sass, scss - 6+years
  • eth, lua - 2+years

Software Engineer (4+ years of experience)

  • React, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript 3+ years
  • Vue 2, Vue 3, Vuex 2+ years
  • Nuxt.js 1+ year
  • Docker, docker-compose, GitLab CI/CD 4+ years

Software Engineer (1+ year of experience)

  • React, Typescript, Redux, Effector, CSS-in-JS - 1+ year
  • Node.js, Express.js - 1+ year
  • Docker, GitLab CI/CD - 1+ year

QA Automation Engineer (2+ years of experience)

  • Python, JavaScript, HTML - 2+ years
  • Mocha, Gauge, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Celery, Git, Jira - 2+ years



What performance guarantees do you offer?

We care about what we build. We guarantee the outcomes we've committed to. Quality is everyone's responsibility.

What is your geographic coverage?

Our team is EU-based. We can guarantee 3-4 hours of overlap for PST timezone (San Francisco, Los Angeles) and 6-7 hours of overlap for EST timezone (New York, Boston, etc)

Will you be hiring subcontractors for my project, and if so, how?

No. Depending on a client, if the client wants to engage in a specific task with a known subcontractor, we can evaluate the team and then decide.

What is the contingency plan if a technical resource leaves your firm or becomes unavailable?

Regardless of the internal attrition rate or circumstances like this, we guarantee delivery of the solution we signed up for

How often will my project leader meet with me? Will they meet in person or at a conference?


  • Once / twice a week
  • Usually in the beginning we meet much more frequently, however over time meeting frequency converges to weekly or bi-weekly
Can I meet with your team members before signing the contract?

Absolutely. In fact, this is something we encourage as we see alignment and culture fit to be a critical component to successfully getting stuff done.

What is the usual project duration?

Depending on your needs. It can be from 6 to 12 months. Some clients are completely satisfied with our partnership during 3+ years of engagement.

How do you get paid, and what are your payment terms?

We work according to the Master Service Agreement with a Statement of Work. It could be time & material conditions or value-based fee.