Remote native software development team

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Available now

Remote native software development team of 5 developers and 1 QA. For the last year, the team has been working with a Progressive Web Application for a US-based customer.

Tech Lead (7+ years of experience)

  • Elixir - 7+ years
  • Node.js, Typescript, Nest, GraphQL - 4+ years
  • Go, Grpc, Kubernetes, Cloud Native stack - 3+ years
  • Postgres - 7+ years

Tech Lead (7+ years of experience)

  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, LESS, Databases - 7+ years
  • React, Redux - 5+ years
  • Node.js - 5+ years
  • Typescript, Flow, Jest, Enzyme - 4+ years
  • Git, Nginx, Docker, Apache, webpack, babel, grunt, gulp - 6+ years

Senior Software Engineer (6+ years of experience)

  • JavaScript - 6+ years
  • TypeScript, React, Vue, Jest, Redux, Styled-components - 5+years
  • Node.js, Postgres, PostGIS, Leaflet, GraphQL, cypress - 4+years
  • Canvas, WebSockets, Server-side events, sass, scss - 6+years
  • eth, lua - 2+years

Software Engineer (4+ years of experience)

  • React, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript 3+ years
  • Vue 2, Vue 3, Vuex 2+ years
  • Nuxt.js 1+ year
  • Docker, docker-compose, GitLab CI/CD 4+ years

Software Engineer (1+ year of experience)

  • React, Typescript, Redux, Effector, CSS-in-JS - 1+ year
  • Node.js, Express.js - 1+ year
  • Docker, GitLab CI/CD - 1+ year

QA Automation Engineer (2+ years of experience)

  • Python, JavaScript, HTML - 2+ years
  • Mocha, Gauge, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Celery, Git, Jira - 2+ years



What performance guarantees do you offer?
What is your geographic coverage?
Will you be hiring subcontractors for my project, and if so, how?
What is the contingency plan if a technical resource leaves your firm or becomes unavailable?
How often will my project leader meet with me? Will they meet in person or at a conference?
Can I meet with your team members before signing the contract?
What is the usual project duration?
How do you get paid, and what are your payment terms?