How to run Sprint Review


Prepare a day before sprint review (or if sprint review is in the evening then doing this in the morning is fine)

  1. Get list of tickets
    1. Pick the tickets that are either completed or you are confident will be completed by the time sprint review starts
  2. Build a story out of the list of tickets, so that it's interesting to watch the demo, and it feels like it's a single story you are presenting. For example, there are several tickets that can be presented as a user flow:
    1. Login
    2. Main screen
    3. Search
    4. Details
  3. Assign tickets to developers that will talk thru tickets, make sure there are a few interruptions in a flow. For example: Tim → Boris → Tim → Boris is bad, should be Tim → Tim → Boris → Boris
  4. Write a short "intro" covering all of the progress on a high-level
    1. Read the intro a few times


  1. Before the meeting
    1. Make sure you join a few minutes before the meeting, to ensure you can share your screen, audio is configured correctly, etc
    2. Open all of the necessary browser windows, websites
    3. Keep a list of tickets you'll be demoing on one side of the screen, and the actual area for a demo is on the other side of the screen
  2. During the meeting
    1. Make sure to turn on "Do not disturb" mode, so that your notifications are not showing up during the demo to everyone (note: DND mode on Android doesn't block push notifications from appearing on a screen)
    2. After talking thru intro, hand it over to the team member that will do the talking Use the following verbs to transition between team members: "passing to ...", "handing to ...", "handing over to ...", "next is ...", "passing over to ..."

Overall recommendation

When sharing a single meeting across multiple teams to do a demo, or the demo itself is big, it's useful to jump on a quick 30-minute call to flesh out details around