Gearlaunch Case Study

Gearlaunch Case Study


Meet a Print-On-Demand company that transforms designs into tangible creations such as shirts and posters.


The company had a big goal: they wanted to introduce a new integration that would let their partners work with printing facilities. This would allow partners to print on demand without any hassle. Another aim was to make the whole process of receiving and processing orders much smoother. We wanted an automated system that will take orders an process them on “auto pilot”.


The company had a solution already in place, a kind of all-in-one program that was tough to maintain. Before getting in touch with Team Brilliant, they tried to break this program into smaller parts using Kafka as a message broker that communicates between these parts. But this approach ended up being too expensive. The only purpose for doing this was to assist the business in managing orders asynchronously for processing and fulfillment. Conventional ways to solve this involve queues and processing of queued tasks, handling state, async processing and schedules. But all of that takes too much time, and time is critical for the business. They needed to get things out to make profit more quickly and keep expenses under control.

Collaboration with Team Brilliant

CTO presented a challenge that caught our attention. At Team Brilliant, we thrive on challenges, and the first solution that popped up in mind was Temporal - a technology we've been utilizing since November 2021.

Temporal is an open-source programming model that streamlines code, enhances application reliability, and accelerates feature delivery. Read more about Temporal (link to a landing page)

Our curiosity and constant pursuit of excellence drove our vision for how this platform could be a great solution to a problem. Choosing action over discussion, we got into creating a functional proof of concept, and in just a matter of days, we had a working approach that resonated with tech leadership across the company.

We worked closely and built strong communication ties with the client to make sure everyone was on the same page – both the business people and the tech leadership. Because we all agreed on what we wanted. We figured out important measures to guide us as we built the product. We didn't waste time; we quickly got started and kept improving from there. Our way of organizing was planning ahead instead of just reacting to things. We made sure our teamwork was always aiming at the big goal we had in mind.


When we face a business issue, we consider it alongside the company's big goals. Then, we figure out how we can contribute to the main business objective. Because we know a lot about this industry, we can also see opportunities beyond just the first thing we aim for. Our experience helps us foresee what else could be achieved.


Team Brilliant steady team setup that follows tried-and-true methods (you can learn more about them in Tech Atlas) helped set things straight. We use our battle-tested SDLC approach and utilize effective tools and techniques. The key to our successful collaboration was transparent communication and a common set of beliefs and fundamental ideas. The team was open to fresh ideas, focused on getting things done rather than getting bogged down in low priority stuff. Building trust takes time, but it is easier when we all believe in the same things.


We managed to roll out the initial version of our product just four weeks after we started working on it. We dedicated a week to crafting a proof-of-concept for a demonstration, while transforming the application into a fully operational system took the other three weeks. This involved deploying it in a staging environment and then moving it into production. We configured CI pipeline, deployment pipeline and infrastructure for deployment artifacts.

By setting up the new product like this, we established a strong starting point for the company's upcoming initiatives. We showcased a basic version in just one week, and then dedicated the next three weeks to perfecting and launching the application. This methodical approach enabled us to synchronize our internal team with the efficient software development process we follow. These actions not only prepared the company for future improvements and expansions, but they were also completed cost-effectively, paving the way for Gearlaunch smoother growth.

Why Team Brilliant

What Gearlaunch likes about working with us:

  • We have knowledge about the latest practical solutions that are ready for real use, not just theory.
  • Our team understands the needs and goals of the business. We aren’t just tech experts; we know how technology fits into making a company successful.
  • Our partnership approach is also a highlight – we believe that our success is tied to theirs, so we are fully committed to helping company do well.
  • Our team is motivated to make important changes within their organization. We aren’t just following the usual path; we are pushing for positive changes and leading the way to make the company better.

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