Team Brilliant

Team Brilliant

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help clients architect and build digital products that impact the lives of people, making the world a better place for all.

Our Story

Our Approach

Exceeding client’s expectations, with depths of experience, a curious and tenacious grip on technology and human behavior, delivered by the best people empowered by process, true partnership, accountability and sticking to their promises.

Our Values

  • Excellence – everything we do is delivered brilliantly.
  • Curiosity – we are students of technology and human behavior.
  • Tenacity – we will never give up. Not ever.
  • Do vs. talk – we think actions are better than words.
  • Do the right thing. Even when it’s hard.
  • A promise is a promise - we deliver what we say we will.

Getting Started


Our Process

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Levels and Roles in a Team

Expectations on Impact and Influence
Tech Lead
Product Manager


Team Brilliant Merch
Team Brilliant Merch


Frontend Engineer
Frontend Engineer
Tech Lead
TypeScript Developer for Expo Framework
React Developer for a Large Platform
React Developer for a Large Platform
QA Automation for a Large Platform
QA Automation for a Large Platform
Business Manager

Tips for Interview

  • Be on a stable internet connection
  • Use headset for clear audio
  • Be on time for an interview

Qualities We are Looking for

  • Open-mindedness Willing to accept and process feedback in search for truths
  • Curiosity Motivation to get to the bottom of a problem and propose a solution
  • Work Ethic If you promised something will be done, we expect that this will be done or if it's not possible for whatever reason you'll be proactive in communication
  • Accountability We "own" stuff we build from the beginning to the end. You’re responsible for achieving an outcome, and not just “closing a ticket”
  • Transparency People make mistakes. If you make one we expect you to be adult, come to a team and discuss it in openly, so that together we can be part of a solution


Typical Codebase
Headset Recommendations
Do you have paid vacation?
Employee referral bonus

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Open Source


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