Team Brilliant

Team Brilliant

Our Mission

We help Technology Leaders derisk application development and consistently deliver projects 2X faster building high-performance teams along the way.

Getting Started


Our Process

Daily Scrum
How to run Sprint Review
How to run Sprint Planning
Backlog Grooming

Levels and Roles in a Team

Expectations on Impact and Influence
Tech Lead
Product Manager


  • We care about what we build (accountability and ownership principle)
  • We guarantee the outcomes we've committed to (work ethic principle)
  • Overcommunicate
    • Ask clarifying questions when things are not clear
    • Create context for others
  • Transparency
    • Don't be afraid of screw ups
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Quality is everyone's responsibility


React developer for a large platform
React developer for a large platform
QA Automation for a large platform
QA Automation for a large platform

Tips for Interview

Common Interview Questions
  • Be on a stable internet connection
  • Use headset for clear audio
  • Be on time for an interview

Qualities we are looking for

  • Open-mindedness Willing to accept and process feedback in search for truths
  • Curiosity Motivation to get to the bottom of a problem and propose a solution
  • Work Ethic If you promised something will be done, we expect that this will be done or if it's not possible for whatever reason you'll be proactive with communication
  • Accountability We "own" stuff we build from the beginning to the end


Typical Codebase
Headset Recommendations


Testing Metrics

Open Source