Team Brilliant

Team Brilliant

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help clients architect and build digital products that impact the lives of people, making the world a better place for all.

Our Story

Our Approach

Exceeding client’s expectations, with depths of experience, a curious and tenacious grip on technology and human behavior, delivered by the best people empowered by process, true partnership, accountability and sticking to their promises.

Our Values

  • Excellence – everything we do is delivered brilliantly.
  • Curiosity – we are students of technology and human behavior.
  • Tenacity – we will never give up. Not ever.
  • Do vs. talk – we think actions are better than words.
  • Do the right thing. Even when it’s hard.
  • A promise is a promise - we deliver what we say we will.

Getting Started


Our Process

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Levels and Roles in a Team

Expectations on Impact and Influence
Tech Lead
Product Manager


Team Brilliant Merch
Team Brilliant Merch


Frontend Engineer
Frontend Engineer
Tech Lead
ML Engineer
TypeScript Developer for Expo Framework
React Developer for a Large Platform
React Developer for a Large Platform
QA Automation for a Large Platform
QA Automation for a Large Platform
Business Manager

Tips for Interview

  • Be on a stable internet connection
  • Use headset for clear audio
  • Be on time for an interview

Qualities We are Looking for

  • Open-mindedness Willing to accept and process feedback in search for truths
  • Curiosity Motivation to get to the bottom of a problem and propose a solution
  • Work Ethic If you promised something will be done, we expect that this will be done or if it's not possible for whatever reason you'll be proactive in communication
  • Accountability We "own" stuff we build from the beginning to the end. You’re responsible for achieving an outcome, and not just “closing a ticket”
  • Transparency People make mistakes. If you make one we expect you to be adult, come to a team and discuss it in openly, so that together we can be part of a solution


Typical Codebase
Headset Recommendations
Do you have paid vacation?
Employee referral bonus

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Open Source


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