Howl Case Study

Howl Case Study


Introducing Howl - a platform that brings brands and creators together for mutual benefits, such as affiliate marketing.


Howl faced a challenge as they had a web application, but no mobile app.

They lacked the expertise in a field of mobile app development and did not have the necessary in-house skills. Furthermore, their lack of prior exposure to mobile app development, including app-friendly design and the app store review process, added to their challenges

Collaboration with Team Brilliant

A previous coworker contacted Team Brilliant on LinkedIn for help with creating a mobile app for Howl. We suggested a few ways to make the app and they liked one of them. They trusted us because we have experience making similar things, so we started working together right away to get the best results.


After understanding the MVP requirements, we carefully assessed their expectations, studied their API, and proposed a technical approach. We took into account their desire to avoid separate funding for iOS and Android app development. With this in mind, we suggested adopting the React Native approach, which allows for a single codebase to be used for Android and iOS app builds, all while staying within budget.


In our collaboration with Howl, we established a solid framework by selecting Expo as our development foundation, simplifying the overall process. To meet their specific needs, we integrated Expo Application Services (EAS) into our strategy. This enabled us to implement EAS Update, which facilitates "over the air updates" for continuous application delivery seamlessly.

In addition, we took into account the client's goal of expediting development and reducing review cycles. To achieve this, we made the strategic choice to bypass review cycles when introducing new native packages, which typically elongate the development timeline. This client-centric approach allowed us to efficiently generate and implement innovative ideas tailored to their requirements.

We overcame challenges by emphasizing trust-building and remaining open to changes. The client's willingness to adjust the project scope facilitated collaboration. Our shared values and principles provided a solid foundation for decision-making, ensuring our approaches were aligned. As Team Brilliant, we proactively tackle potential issues through Proof of Concept and Investigation, fostering transparency and confidence in our partnership.


Our team had some significant achievements by introducing non-trivial features, like the ability to create affiliate links via sharing into the app. We also made it easy for users to share content within the app, enhancing its overall functionality. Our approach to development, following our unique methods, ensured security and control for every feature using feature flags. Additionally, we simplified things by allowing users to log in via a web browser, streamlining the app's code and improving platform security by keeping app logic control in one place. These accomplishments were major wins for our team and significantly improved the app's performance and user experience.

Howl users now enjoy a top-notch mobile app that seamlessly blends in with their device, simplifying their experience. By successfully releasing the app and making it available in app stores, they've expanded into a whole new market, boosting their visibility among other mobile apps. Additionally, they've gained valuable expertise in mobile app development, testing, and release procedures. Using Expo helped us to keep costs in check, allowing them to invest more in enhancing their app.

Why Team Brilliant

Our team excels at delivering for clients because we're well-versed in cutting-edge technology and stay updated on tech trends, allowing us to recommend the right tech solutions for their evolving business needs. We're not just tech-savvy; we're also business-focused, ensuring that the technology we choose benefits the client's growth. We maintain transparent partnerships and work efficiently, which collectively make us highly effective at achieving great outcomes for our clients.

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