📝 Crafting Developer-Friendly Tickets 🚀

📝 Crafting Developer-Friendly Tickets 🚀

As a Product Manager, writing actionable tickets is crucial for a smooth development process. Here's how we structure them in Team Brilliant:

1️⃣ Context: start with 1-2 paragraphs to set the stage. This provides background info about the task and helps developers understand WHY it exists.

2️⃣ Acceptance Criteria: Clearly defined WHAT needs to be done. These are set upfront and reviewed during backlog grooming, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

3️⃣ Tech Notes: Technical details of HOW something is done. Developers write these asynchronously, and we discuss solutions in Backlog Grooming calls, getting buy-in from the team.

4️⃣ Estimates: We use Story Points with the Fibonacci sequence to estimate tasks, ensuring we account for differences in complexity.

Crafting developer-friendly tickets is key to fostering collaboration and efficiency in our development process. 🛠️💼

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