POV: The Most Underrated Software

This thread is about the most underrated software in the world - I bet, you’re already using it every day! But hopefully, it gets more recognition.

📊 Spreadsheets 📊

Spreadsheets are more than just numbers and cells. They're versatile tools that power various aspects of our work:

1️⃣ Gantt charts for Roadmap planning 2️⃣ Google Spreadsheets as a database 3️⃣ Source to auto-generate output 4️⃣ Tool for tracking projects 5️⃣ Estimates calculation for Inception docs 6️⃣ Team Planning - org charts

Let's give a shoutout to spreadsheets for their incredible versatility and impact in our daily workflows. 💼🚀 #Productivity #Spreadsheets #UnderratedSoftware