Do you have paid vacation?

Q: Do you have paid vacation?

Life is not just about work. We understand that we need to relax, spend more time with our loved ones and family. We have 18 days of paid vacation per year.

Q: How is vacation compensated?

Vacation is paid in full according to the current salary.

Q: How is vacation calculated?

The vacation you can use starts accumulating from the first month of your work. For one month, 1.5 working days will be accumulated. Thus, 18 days will accumulate annually (1.5 x 12).

Q: How can I coordinate a vacation?

When you go on vacation, please follow these steps:

  1. Coordinate vacation dates with your Lead in advance.
  2. After you have agreed, duplicate your vacation dates to Vladimir.

Q: Can I use more vacation days than accumulated?

If needed, you can use a few days more vacation than you have on your balance, and the difference will be counted over the next months.

Q: When I leave the company, what happens to the accumulated but not used vacation days?

When you leave the company, you get compensated for unused vacation days.

Q: What happens to accumulated vacation days at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, you have a choice:

  • Move accumulated vacation days to the next year.
  • Zero out the rest of your count of vacation days and get the equivalent payout (but we recommend taking time off to relax 🙂)