ML Engineer

💪 Why Us

Team Brilliant helps companies create and deliver holistic solutions to complex problems such as gradually migrating existing applications to a new stack (modernization), developing complex platforms based on the principles of evolutionary architecture and helping innovate within the company.

We exceed  clients’ expectations, with depth of experience, a curious and tenacious grip on technology and human behavior, delivered by the talented people empowered by process, true partnership, accountability and sticking to their promises.

🤝 Our Principles

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Strong work ethic
  • Seamless communication (within the team as well as with our stakeholders)

💻 Ways of Working

  • We follow the Scrum methodology, engaging in regular ceremonies to ensure smooth coordination
  • We value continuous improvement and conduct retrospectives after each sprint to refine our processes
  • These practices empower us to establish continuous improvement process

🎁 Bonuses

  • 18 working days of paid vacation per year

🏎 What you will do

  • Apply modern ML techniques for solving business problems
  • Set up technical approach and architecture from zero to get to business outcome
  • Work with LLM: write prompts, functions, fine-tune if needed;
  • Collaborate with product, development and other business teams to understand needs and requirements

🎓 You’ll Need to Be Comfortable with:

  • Communication in English, both verbal and written
  • Vague requirements and research to support the vision of the product
  • Operating fully autonomously - owning the outcome

📨 Ways to Apply

  • Send an intro message and your CV via:
    • email - hello@brilliantconsulting.dev
    • telegram @akurkin