Tech Lead

💪 Why Us

Team Brilliant helps companies create and deliver holistic solutions to complex problems such as gradually migrating existing applications to a new stack (modernization), developing complex platforms based on the principles of evolutionary architecture and helping innovate within the company.  

We exceed  clients’ expectations, with depth of experience, a curious and tenacious grip on technology and human behavior, delivered by the best people empowered by process, true partnership, accountability and sticking to their promises.

Right now we are looking for a new developer to join a vertical and self-sufficient delivery team that will help us build the best PWA on the market.

🤝 Our Principles

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Strong work ethic
  • Seamless communication (within the team as well as with our stakeholders)

💻 Ways of Work

  • We follow the Scrum methodology, engaging in regular ceremonies to ensure smooth coordination
  • We value continuous improvement and conduct retrospectives after each sprint to refine our processes
  • These practices empower us to establish continuous improvement process

🎁 Bonuses

  • 18 working days of paid vacation per year
  • Compensation for educational courses

🏎 Your Daily Activities Will Include:

  • Leading and owning complex technical initiatives
  • Beginning to set the vision / future direction of team
  • Making impact across multiple teams within an organization
  • Role shifting more towards design rather than implementation depending on size / expectations at the company
  • Being responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on technical designs across an organization
  • Owning technical decisions that influence the direction of the product
  • Little to no day-to-day coding

🏎 You need to be comfortable with:

  • Communication in English, both verbal and written
  • Role depending highly on organizational / company needs hence it is loosely defined
  • Operating fully autonomously - guiding the team and owning the outcome

📨 Ways to Apply

  • Send an intro message and your CV via:
    • email - hello@brilliantconsulting.dev
    • telegram @akurkin