This is a high-level onboarding roadmap, that helps to align new hires with the team. It also helps to set expectations between New Hire and Engineering Manager.

The Buddy System

During the onboarding process you're assigned a "buddy" - someone who will be there to answer / help with any questions you may have. Starting from "not able to connect to VPN" to "this app is giving me a 500 error").

Your "buddy" is vested in your success and is here to help you achieve goals at each milestone.

Sprint 1 Goals

  1. Understand the business domain of the application that is under development
  2. Set up a development environment
  3. Understand the stack you're working with
  4. Complete the first ticket assigned to you (we usually pre-assign a few tickets that are easy to get started with to know the app / domain). Later you will be taking tickets for
  5. Comprehend working process
  6. Prepare and participate in Daily Scrum meetings. Read more

Sprint 2 Goals

  1. Participate in Backlog Grooming
    1. Help estimate tickets
    2. Ask questions to make sure you're comfortable with a solution
    3. Raise concerns
    4. In general be comfortable taking groomed tickets for development next sprint

Sprint 3 Goals

  1. Prepare a ticket on Backlog Grooming yourself. Read more
    1. Select a ticket yourself
    2. Review the ticket and document solution as Tech Notes
    3. Pitch solution to a team on the call
  2. Sprint Review
    1. Demo tickets you worked on.
    2. To prepare for the demo, review this page - (section Preparation)